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June 30, 2012

The one thing i dislike the most about my face, hands down, would be my oily T-Zone.

The blackheads and whiteheads, crowding around my nose, and cheeks, kinda hurt my self esteem too, and also made me into a ‘space-conscious’ person.

I’ve tried a lot of methods, googled home remedies, get pore packs, exfoliate, endure painful extractions…. but the nose just seems to generate new dirty stuff mercilessly and consistently.

So imagine my joy of finding a man, who complains not about my imperfections, but helps me to find ways to deal with it.

When I said I wanted to keep fit, he did his research, bearing in mind my likes and dislikes, and bought me the Zumba DVD complete set.

When I whine about my extreme discomfort and pain during my menstrual cycle, he bought me heaps of supplements, gave me a whole post on acupuncture points and taught me how to massage consistently.

So, when i constantly lament about my blackheads, guess what he did?

He researched,

And got me this!


So on one day, when I finally had a Me time, I decided to give it a try…

Opening up, it looks a little intimidating to see so many bottles. lol

and I gotta admit, the name of the brand is rather dodgy LOL.

What’s with Asian brands and tasteless names?


So after applying the sebum on my clean face, it was time to splatter the mask on the important parts… And gosh does it smell like strawberry yoghurt! Very sweet and yummy ~

Pictures are completely raw, without any filters or editing. Hence the facial lines and blemishes and scars can be clearly seen.




Then it was time to just browse and wait for 20-30 minutes.

The mask dries up and hardens… and when the alarm rings, i just had to peel it off from bottom upwards~


The peeling process took a lil while.. because the peels kept breaking into smaller pieces… But I ain’t complaining because I was completely shocked at how well the peel removes the blemishes!!!!!!

Especially my cheek areas! The hardest area to squeeze out black and white heads, and there they were… with roots and all, on the peels!!!

This is even better than my extraction, and better still, this is painless! =D

Here’s a pic, of ewwwness, to show you…

I assure you, it was more impressive in real life, the picture does no justice to the amount of removal…

And here is another picture of my face, as bare as it could be… without any makeup, any powder, anything at all, right after the nose mask session.

as can be seen, you can see my pores, but no more black dots!

I know I am not blessed with good skin, and had always been troubled by the oiliness in mine… and i am definitely not one who does products review.. but this was just too good of a product (despite the dodgy name), and should be shared! lol


Its a taiwanese product though. But if you do see it around, give it a try 😉

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