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Lemon flavored cream puff sandwich

July 20, 2012

REST, does do wonders to a person.

I got myself a CRK and rewarded myself with a slightly longer weekend, back in the comforts of home….

replenished my sugar cravings,


Dinner and Spidey Date with Poh BB


and helping out ma familia back home…

and BAMMMM, I came back to work energised, refreshed, and quite pumped! =D

There were weeks in school when I would just plan my lesson 10 minutes before class and let spontaneity do its work; there were weeks that I focused only on drilling for exams…. But not this week. I was filled with ideas and concepts were formed in my mind and I was just eager to try them out with my students!

Am really glad how things are falling into place and I appreciate the rapport I have with my kids nowadays.

We extended our daily classroom acquaintance to even cendol sessions after school. And man, that cendol is like a lifesaver when the weather is madness.



and I like to think that there is way more motivation to go to school, when I treat each day as a day of challenge… great stimuli for a Kiasu person like me. lol
For instance,

when i first knew that my periods with 5A5 (the weakest class in school) has been increased from 6 periods to 8 periods – making some days me having to be with them for 3 periods straight, caused me to worry. First of all, its hard as it is to get this 35 restless kids to sit through a single period English lesson while doing productive learning. 3 periods? Gosh I need help. Most of the kids in this class are illiterate, can’t even copy well, let alone read. Getting them to pass the SPM would be a ridiculous demand but 3 students however could still be helped. Teaching weak kids have never been a main concern for me, but teaching low-motivation kids, can become quite a dread. T_____T

Anyway, I went back to Taiping knowing that once i come back to Gua Musang, I have to start using this new time table.. and I prayed and thought it through..that I don’t want to dread entering this class of mine. And so, I started a few projects with them.

Project 1: Visualising Vocabulary

Knowing how much they resent the foreign language of English, I decided its pointless to force my way in to teach them grammar. We shall start small, as long as my learning objectives for them on that lesson could be achieved.

For instance, I taught them words of things that could be found in the city, and later asked them to draw a city of their own, while labeling those new words we have just learned.

(work from Keyel, my asli kid)


Project 2: Song Scrapbook

5A5 is a tough class to teach because the Malay kids fail in BM and every other subject, Chinese kids who had strong resentment over the Malay language and are quite racist towards their Malay peers, Indian kids who can’t really understand BM or English but knows Mandarin, and one Asli kid who is technically not a kid but 23 years old.

A challenge that is. lol

So for this project, I play games and the winner gets to choose the song that we will learn together that week. Our first winner picked What Makes You Beautiful, from One Direction 😉

So I taught them the lyrics, from verse to bridge to chorus and so on, one line at a time, focusing on pronunciation, meaning, and translation.. With that, I have to teach in 3 languages, 2 translation. Then we sing! Students needed a bit of time to warm up initially, but after that they went crazy with the ‘oh oh’, ‘eye eye eyes’… @_@ and when they see me in the hallway, they will be belting out ‘You don’t know, oh oh, you don’t know you’re beautiful’ to me.. hahahahaha…


As for my moderate proficiency classes, I focused on creative writing this week. Reading their writings and musings, I realised that most of them are so passive and safe in their ideas, giving you ‘correct’ answers but not one that shows critical thinking skills. I got bored reading essays after essays of ‘an outing’, ‘family vacation’ etc.. Though their language is still very not to par with the level they should be mastering by now, I decided to give them a break from grammar lessons and decided to get them think out of the box. We started by doing creative story plotting (one of my fav lessons and one that my dad saw me teaching and told me he learned more from me than in this trainers’ course that he attended), and later character profiling.

Basically, it was an activity of using a Facebook template, and giving more details to the character that we created for our creative story. Of course it was filled with nonsense but the aim of this activity is to get students to stop giving me ‘right and acceptable’ answers but try to be different. Some of their profiling were quite funny, like a really ugly pole dancer, a heart-broken alien, and a duck that eats its own child.. ok that wasn’t the funny one. lol

It was fun to see the students so engaged and trying to ‘impress’. Haven’t really read those from my boys yet.. Usually they are the ones who come out with ‘laugh die me’ type of responses. lol


There are still quite a number of lessons that I carried and out and was pleased with the outcome. Perhaps I will be doing more sharing here on this blog. In the meantime, my teaching friends out there, if you have one lesson that you are proud of and willing to share, do share with me, either in the comment box or email me directly. I would love to learn more and would definitely credit you when I try out the lesson.


and TGIF people!!!!!!

(and that’s me looking really high after a big round of D24 and the infamous Musang King at midnight. bwahahahahahahaha… Durian is LOVE)

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