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Highlight of the day

July 31, 2012

After coming back from another long day of school and a school tuition, I showered, and happily talked to my better half, who had patiently waited for me (it was nearly 9pm in nz).

Not sure what started it, but the topic of the day was the porn industry lmao

Him: So you see, it is a very lucrative business…

Me: Well, let me ask you a question.. what if you find out that I’m actually also a Cam Girl trying to earn some money? Lol

Him:  nah… you won’t….

Me: really? You sure?  (Deep down I was thinking that he would reply with some cheesy statements like ‘coz you are a good girl and this is against your beliefs or something along those lines …)


Me: bwahahahahahahahahahh

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