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Just felt like writing up a long post ;)

August 3, 2012

one glance at my blog, i gasped in horror… at the lack of substance in my recent posts lol.

Not sorry for the bimbotic rants, and my obvious PDA for my man though 😛

But hey, there should be some sort of balance here, hence the need of a ‘more well-thought-out’ writing.. hmm..

Well the thing is, I love how I am reading up and following the blogs of some really good teachers out there.. Pretty amazing and inspiring stuff. It makes it easier for me to get connected with them in a way, and I was actually hoping even more of my teacher friends would start a blog of their own… so that i could stalk them lol.

Then again, we all know the many debates about teachers being either under- or over-paid, according to which side you are on. And honestly-speaking, though it gets my blood boiling when people assumed us teachers get it easy, it was a perception that could be easily understood when I take a look around the teachers i meet, day in day out.

Here’s the thing, all along my still-short stint of teaching journey, I have encountered quite a variety of teachers, from amazing role models to the rotten bunch…

but what irks me more is the ‘SELFISH’ ones.

To those who i labeled as ‘SELFISH’, usually have some common traits:

1. They are good at the blaming game.

This probably happens everywhere, and need little explanation. When something is wrong, they are the quickest to point fingers, and try to save their asses, even when evidences pretty much were against them. Most of the time, these teachers are the friendliest to you, but when they bite, they are ruthless.


2. They never credit you.

I have met so many teachers who take advantage of me, just because I’m fast in completing my work or am easy with sharing my ideas and materials. I would enter my class, roll out my carefully thought-out lesson, and have my students tell me ‘Teacher, why are we copying the lesson from class XXX?’

Or rather, seeing my lecturer or ‘boss’ and have them query me for submitting a similar work as a friend of mine, that I had helped with in his/her assignment.

The one that I really felt deeply was when a friend asked for my report, copied it, and submitted it with a glossier and prettier cover so that it will outshine mine. I do try not to be petty about it, but it did hurt me a lil, as I did spend time figuring out how to do the report, got it done, and then realised my work was seen as a inferior comparison to a prettier version of it.

My head of panel had also conveniently used my reports many times, as ‘hers’, to submit to the head of language department, or to the principal.

Oh well, that is life.


and now we come to the third trait, the one I am most pissed about.

3. They keep their ‘brilliant teaching ideas’ to themselves, yet bug you for your ideas every time!

Seriously? Come on! Teaching is not a freaking competition!

I understand you might want to be the cool teacher with great activities, and maintain your exclusive status, but that’s where exactly you got wrong.

Teaching is never about the teacher, but we teach FOR our students. So why not share your ideas with the other teachers so that their kids will also benefit from this?


And that is why i am very appreciative of teachers, who openly share their views, suggestions and ideas in a ‘learning problem situation.’

For instance, I was feeling extremely down after coming out from my Form 4 class, a class I had invested a lot upon to teach them the basics as they were so weak, to the point of not even being able to know what is ‘where’ #sadbuttrue.

I spent sessions after sessions teaching them SVA so that they could write very simple, but correct sentences; which they could during those sessions. But very quickly and easily they forgot or rather not bothered to ‘think while they write’ and just gave me some poorly construed words for their 5 sentences task. Yes, all I asked was them to write me 5 simple sentences, and 90% could not do it.

They were giving me sentences like ‘The old mans sing.’

So I did a short quiz with them and realised that they CAN’T EVEN IDENTIFY THE VERB ALBEIT ME REPEATING IT IN NEARLY EVERY LESSON! This my friend, is the 3rd class in the form, and my school practises streaming.

So I resolved to seeking for guidance and support through facebook. surprise, surprise… ?


I was so touched ok, to know that so many others out there care about my kids, and care to encourage me to carry on. These are the selfless teachers that our nation need so much more! Not ones that are only concerned about leaving school once its ‘ok’ to ‘punch out’, not ones who complain not-stop about their non-existing workload as compared to others, not ones whose main priority is to ‘sell stuff’ in school, not ones who never bother to mark students’ books and actually sleep in their classes (GOSH YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MANY TEACHERS DO THAT IN THE MONTH OF RAMADHAN)… But ones who are willing to support their fellow comrades in this tough teaching realm, be it in words, actions, or just through their sharing of ideas.


Another teacher I could always look up to is my dad. He has his own glory moments in teaching, and needless to say, he impacted many lives. Sometimes, he is not exactly humble about his many achievements lol, constantly reminding us jokingly, but then again, he is actually among the humblest teachers I know.

He is a senior teacher, who has no qualms in sharing with the new young ones, and has also being a great mentor of mine.

He is a teacher, who apologizes to his subordinates, if he felt he was partly to be blamed or should take responsibility.

He is a teacher, who never puts himself in a righteous, ‘high up’ position, but lead by serving.

He is a teacher, who though had 30 years of teaching experience under his belt, would tell his newly-trained daughter that he is learning from her.


Mum, on the other hand, was also extremely helpful in my professional growth. While dad handled my ’emotional’ support, mum gave me input on the technical knowledge of being a teacher and a government servant. Mum is someone who prepares me for office politics, explains to me all the new schemes, and finds information for me when I need to know the new syllabuses. Mum’s many stories in her classrooms are really entertaining and enlightening too, and her teaching feat is quite remarkable. Having appeared in Astro for a program, being interviewed, and she is someone many look up to. I probably got some of my mum’s efficiency, and more of my dad’s messiness. LOL. I can be quite efficient, but my room and work table is quite a sight to behold. bwahahahaha..



I am very proud to call them my parents, and I want to be one that they are proud of too.

and since I mentioned earlier I’m going for a long post.. I guess I had to stick to my words.. lol.. Oh well, I finally received the drama competition pictures from Abdullah and did some editing myself. So feast your eyes on my ridiculously adorable kids!

1. solo makeup artist at work!


2. Give the boys eyeliners and TA DAH


3. Kids camwhoring to de-stress before their turn


4. Just a sudden call for a group shot.. Pre-Comp


5. The Boys!!! So glad to have them around!!! So much energy and nonsense. lol


6. Was told last minute to write an opening speech for the act. *think. write. scratch. write*


7. Lida getting into character.


8. Eyu still being Eyu. lol


9. “Teacher! Smile!”

er.. okay?


10. Opening.


11. Our version of ‘Summer Night’ 😉





13. Dinner treat for the team at Pizza Hut!



14. My fav picture: because I took this.. and these 2 are funny!


15. A happy end of the day for us as the waiting staff mistook us for STUDENTS!!!!!!!! =D


and with this, I end this post!


Just had a mighty yummy prawn noodles!

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