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i caught my stalker lol

August 12, 2012

a few days ago…

Me: Baby, did u just read my blog?

Alex: Why? Why did you ask?

Me: Did you just spend a long time reading my blog?

Alex: Hahahaha… Your blog actually told you that?

Me: Oh well, it said i had 133 views from NZ… and that had to be you.. hahahaha

Alex: Oh noooo… Who is it? Who reads you??? Nooooo…

Me: Come on.. No more drama.. I know its you.

Alex: Fine. I did. Did your blog mention how long I spent reading your blog?

Me: Nope. Lol.. Only states the viewcounts, referrals ah..

Alex: Thank goodness. Hahahaha..

Me: So how long did you spend reading it?

Alex: Don’t know… Whole day maybe. Just felt like reading through your posts to see your changes.

Me: Changes?? Did I change?

Alex: Yea…. A lot… What am I supposed to do with you???

Me: How much did you read? How did I change?

Alex: Read till your very first entry ma. I skim through most parts ok.. Was focusing more on the pictures.

Me: So did I change for good or for bad?

Alex: Hmmm… I don’t know…

Me: Oh no… That’s bad then..

Alex: Haiyo… I’m getting worried ok.. Coz you are getting prettier by day… What do I do with you???

Me: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… You are the best!!!!!!!

Alex: And also, you seem happier now ah. You were more emo back in those days. And I realised one thing… You never mentioned about how we met? Even that jerk years ago had like a looong post about him!!!

Me: Hahahahahahahahahaha… So you want a post about you? You are the first guy I actually blogged so much about ok…

Alex: It’s not the same.. huhuhu…



I have a very jealous stalker. LOL.

But I love him lots!

And now i know, it takes 133 clicks to finish going through my blog.

ps. I’m ruining his English. I realised he’s getting more Malaysian by the day lol…

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  1. August 13, 2012 1:01 am

    hahaha~~~ sweet!

  2. August 17, 2012 2:05 pm

    hehe Kevin does the same. He never admits to it, but he reads it then shyly tells me. Oh well. Men.

    Alex is a sweetie, that’s for sure, Felicia 🙂

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