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the love story

August 21, 2012

and so it seems, I had yet to put down in words, of this lil love story of mine… which is actually far from any drama material, but nothing less than exciting.

It all started in August 10, 2008…

I was dragged along to a birthday party of someone I did not know, because of my then-random and spontaneous friend, Cindy.


He was contemplating whether he wanted to attend his coursemate’s birthday party.

Guess what,

We both somehow went to that apartment in Wellesley, mingled around, and stayed back to clean up the aftermath…

Much much later, he told me, that he was attracted to me on that day itself; while i was thinking ‘that guy should not wear that mustard colored top’ LOL.



After some sweet encounters, awkward and shy attempts, and even a funny dinner date which we clumsily ended up at the takeaway area, which was behind the fancy Thai restaurant…

I found him, with a stalk of rose,

standing worriedly in this spot at Albert Park,

while I was running late from my lectures…

I chuckled, and was deeply touched, because knowing him, that was one huge step which he had never taken before.

On the 22nd,

We gave US, a chance.



The journey hasn’t been smooth-sailing at all.

We had many differences, be it our beliefs, thinking, cultural practices, and ideas of ‘a relationship’

In fact, we started off, agreeing on setting this as one with an expiry date = the date I was going to leave New Zealand.

Like most couples. we had our rows.. But we too know never to dwell on our anger. Believe it or not, our fights never lasted overnight, as we would have resolved whatever hard feelings, before the day ends.

As we both get to know each other more, we started to change too, for the better.

He became more patient, warm, thoughtful, humble, strong in perseverance, wiser.

I became more health-conscious, careful, sensitive, emphatic, and a whole lot happier.

and it wasn’t too late for us to realise,

that we were a great team..

and we wanted more to this relationship..

we still wanted to grow together, to be the support for each other,

and most importantly,

he convinced a ‘LDR sceptic’ like me, that we could both give this a real shot.. and not to just give it all up without a fight.


I met a lot of jerks in my life.. and I cried knowing I found someone who did not freak out at the thought of distance, time difference, and the obstacles; and ‘that someone’ was assuring me that he was going to give his all on his part, to make this work.

It was a tearful day at the airport. Inside, I was dead worried for him.. knowing that he would see me leave, and feel the pang of emptiness.

It was also the beginning of our bittersweet airport experiences… and the celebration of ‘Daylight savings’…


A year of LDR passed, and we were extremely proud of ourselves.

Then the second passed too.. with a lot more difficulty, as we grew a lot stronger in our feelings for each other, making the absence even harder.


He made trips here, spent time with my family, and was in his best behaviour 😀

I went over to NZ too, which he ended up proposing to me, at the top of One Tree Hill, as the sun rises.


Now we are still taking a step at a time, battling with uncertainities and complicated  situations in our lives.. But its great to know that it was not a one-sided effort, and we are still a great team, if not, greater than ever 🙂


Despite so many road blocks, we came this far… and i have the peace in my heart, that God has sent him into my life.

The road ahead of us, is still bumpy in so many ways..

But one thing for sure,

I am thankful to the Lord, for each day He had given to us.. and i trust that with His guidance, we can finish this race, and start a new journey together.



Thanks Alex, for these 4 years.

I know we will both be strong for each other… and i love you so.


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  1. August 22, 2012 5:40 pm

    Sweet! This must be for him! =D

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