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i’m balding!!!!

August 31, 2012

well, not really. That was obviously a hyperbole being abused.

But my hair is falling in a scary rate. I’m throwing BUNCHES of my hair, every single day! Seriously, BUNCHES.

Though i pride myself for having thick and fast-growing hair, but at the rate i’m going, balding doesn’t seem to be a far-fetched possibility T______________T


I do think the increasing stress level, resulted from the ‘adulthood’, is the prime factor for my scary hair fall. How to be less stressed out, when my students never fail to entertain/kill my sanity/crack me up/make me suicidal (altogether) every. freaking. day.

Some really get onto my nerves. And yes, I’m referring to those with attitude and serious discipline problems.

I have two drug addicts in my class. And one of them is suspected to be a dealer @_@

Most of the time they are not to be found in the school, and definitely not in the classroom. BUT WHENEVER THEY DECIDED TO MAKE AN APPEARANCE IN MY CLASSES, I PRETTY MUCH FEEL LIKE FLIPPING THE TABLE AT THEM.

I am aware that i should be practicing humanistic values, be emphatic, and try to welcome them with open arms with the desire to change them, but… I really do not want to have anything to do with them… First of all, they are very disruptive. The students in the class may be extremely weak, but they have the motivation to learn.. and these two boys would just make sure that no one gets to enjoy the lesson. They would make funny animal noises, put their feet on the table, wolf whistle at girls and teachers passing by the class, and when i rebuke them sternly, they would echo my every word, and show me the ‘i don’t care look’. Sometimes, they just stare at my boobs!!! I lodged many complaints about them to the discipline masters, the PKP. They too being given multiple warnings, punishment, chased around in the school by male teachers, suspended, but they have no desire to change.. probably because most of the time they are high on drugs, more precisely, Pil Kuda.

Trust me, I tried to teach them, using every ounce of patience i could possibly have.

Just imagine this, I went to their seats and taught them individually when the rest were attempting the given task, Boy 1 decided to just go ‘OHAYO HAI HAI @#%^$&#’ in his super loud and annoying voice!!!! Boy 2 on the other hand, would say things like ‘teacher, size gapo?’!!!!!! Please tell me I could slap them right hard on their cheeks please!


Well, thank goodness, they are the minority, and most of my students actually make me laugh hysterically, while feeling pained inside.

Scenario 1:

(wrote the word ‘PALE’ on the board)

Me: Alright class, how do we read this word?

Students: PAH – LER!

Me: Noooooo… (trying hard not to laugh)

Students: (found it funny that they pronounced wrong, and did the most unexpected thing! the whole class decided to pat their heads repeatedly while saying) PAH-LER PAH-LER PAH-LER!!!! (they were referring to ‘kepala’)

Me: (i laughed so bad, and felt like crying inside because these are my form 5 kids)


Scenario 2:

(in my form 4 class, came two new girls)

Me: Oh, we have new friends in our midst!

H: Yea, they are cute right?

Me: ( to the new girls) please be careful of H ok. He is ‘koya’ a lil.

The whole class laughed.

H: Ala, my sayang is jealous already. See how possessive she is of me? She is warning her competition now.

Me: (totally rolled my eye and ignored him)

H: Awww… Don’t worry sayang, only you and you alone is in my heart…

The whole class roared in laughter.


Scenario 3:

When I was teaching and most of them listening attentively.. Suddenly a loud voice was heard, ” AIYAH KETIAK BUSUK!!!”

Yes, he sniffed his armpit.




So what hair fall remedy should I use???? LOL

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