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the T Junction

September 4, 2012

Yesterday, even though I was very much in pain, I pressed on to attend the prayer meeting and my free tutoring class at church.

Maybe it was because i needed to be immersed in His presence,

Maybe because i needed prayer support,

Maybe because i was longing for an answer from God.

An answer, was what i got.

After praying in tongues, Pastor Ezekiel immediately told me, he saw a vision of me, standing alone at a T-Junction, not knowing whether to turn left or right.

I was a lil taken aback, because i am in quite a dilemma, of not knowing what’s my next step.

But the vision did not end there.

Pastor Ezekiel told me that, a voice was beckoning me to U-Turn. Take a step away from the T-Junction, and make a U-Turn.



I pondered upon this.

I discussed with my pastors.

I shared with Alex.


And God knows how much i needed the reminder to U-Turn, and go back to the source of my strength,

to go back to what He wants, instead of what i want.

I came upon the realization that many a times when I pray,

I pray for things to go according to my own expectations, or desires.

My prayers have been centred on ‘I’, and on ‘Alex’.

It is time to put God back into the centre of all. To willingly humble myself into submission of His plans and purposes.

Now it doesn’t quite matter anymore which turning i’ll be taking.

As long as i trust in God to direct my path,

i know i’ll never be lost.

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  1. September 4, 2012 9:06 pm

    Awesome word!

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