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Hands on!

September 8, 2012

Before i headed for bed last night, i was thinking hard about ‘what to do in school on a Saturday replacement class?’

One thing for sure, i know that the attendance would be a new low, especially my Form 5 kids who are in the midst of their Trials, and would gladly stay home on this Saturday.

I had quite a few ideas in mind: Crazy Recipe, Fortune-telling, Ad-lib etc… As you can see, i wanted to do a fun lesson instead of the usual ‘chalk and talk’ or examinations drilling, probably as a form of reward for those who actually make the effort to attend school on a Saturday; and also for myself to be motivated to teach on a Saturday lol.


I SAW THE PLASTICINE I BOUGHT FROM MYDIN!!! All 10 boxes of them… Still un-officiated!!!!! (i have the tendency to buy anything that i think could be used for teaching, which would be safely kept aside until i figure out how to use them lol.. yes.. i have like the randomest stack of stuff, from marbles to pick-up-sticks, lots of card games, snakes and ladders, metal rings etc etc)

Immediately, i snapped my fingers. *no joke* and I knew that would be the lesson for tomorrow!


So basically what i did was, i spent a while teaching them story plotting, and ‘forcing’ them to be creative! God knows how our system spoonfeeds the students and they kept giving me ‘cliche’ or ‘politically correct’ answers… So i had to resolve to creating a story with their help, and constantly ‘tweaking’ their contributions, to show them how we could ‘think out of the box.’

In the end, our Snow White turned into a frog, and married Prince Frog.

(well, that was progress. lol)

Then it was their turn, to impress me with their stories.

I put them in groups of 4 (only 16 were present), and they got started!



and came the presentation!


Group 1 was quite good. Their story was about how Michael got a long nose.


as you can see, they went for the details.. very nicely made!



Then you have Group 2 and their kinda confusing story about a girl and a wizard lol




The third group came out with the story of the Cookies Family and the Golden Rose

it was a cute story, with very cute ‘gingerbread men’ figurines




and finally, we come to the boys’ masterpiece…

as an obvious attempt to ‘membodek’, their story was The Fight between Batman and Bad Man for Princess Felicia… hmmmmmm…



i actually thought the Batman looked really cute..

and oh yeah,

that yellow giant.. is supposed to be ‘Princess Felicia’… mannn..


I would say it was quite a successful lesson.

Would probably reuse my plasticine for something else 😉

Any ideas?

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  1. September 11, 2012 4:16 pm

    Awesome work! **claps**

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