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Adventures in the big city!!! – Part 1

September 18, 2012

Before i start, i feel the need to make it clear that,

i love the thought of going to KL,

but not the idea of living in KL.


So even though i’m not exactly a stranger to the big city, i treasure the privilege of being able to treat my visits to KL as rare, and something to look forward to after weeks and months of ‘easy or mundane living’ in the ‘kampung’/bandar kecil.

And yes, i do still squeal like a kid, at the thought of doing ‘fun’ things in the city.

And yes, i do rub it in at my students, to make them envious of my impending trips. LOL.

Oh well,

after a week of 6-days classes, we had a 3-day weekend in conjunction with Malaysia Day! *confettis* Hence, i decided to hitch a ride with my fellow GM crew here (who are doing their masters in UM), and headed off to the land of malls and cinemas!!!!!!


Before we made our trip, my school was having yet again another jamuan Hari Raya (this time organised by our Kelab Guru).. not that i’m complaining but god knows how many kgs have i piled on during this festive season due to the many open houses and jamuan..huhu


SEE SEE SEE! Tell me how to not get fat???


Then Saqinah and her housemate came to pick me up from my school, and we went for some coolblog, which turned out to be a nasty decision i’ve made.. 😥

My cappuccino was totally making its own blend in my bowels and i was damn nauseous throughout the whole drive T____________T


After4 hours plus, we were finally in the territory of KL, and were greeted by one of the worst traffic jam ever!

Why Worst? WE WERE TRAPPED IN A NOT-MOVING JAM FOR 40+ MINUTES!!!!!!! (we later found out that there was a fire in one of the shoplots)


I could laugh about it now, but it wasn’t laughable at that time ok.

Imagine i was on viber with alex and he kept joking as his usual self, and I HAD TO STOP HIM FROM MAKING ME LAUGH BECAUSE EVERY MOVEMENT WOULD TRIGGER THAT BOMB!!!

I think Aiman was the most ‘kesian’, because it turned out that i wasn’t the only one who needed to use the toilet urgently, but saqinah as well!

He learned well from Jaygee that ‘when a girl needs to use the toilet, get her a toilet! its not a joking matter!’

The problem is, we were so heavily trapped in that jam T_________T

I was at the verge of crying k. *drama much?* lol

and I was that close to do the unspeakable —– crossing over to the other side of heavy traffic to get to the petrol station to use its loo!

i even did a drawing using ‘paint’ to illustrate the situation lmao

YES, I WAS THAT DESPERATE. lol.. But we were also too scared that what if we can’t get back on time to aiman and his car had to move following the traffic lol.


Anyway, after another few torturous minutes, aiman managed to slowly swerved to the most left side of the road, and we saw a row of shops.. mostly closed but this ‘gangster-looking’ coffee shop! There was this huge-built chinese lady, full with tattoos, sitting with her foot on the chair, eating her noodles. The whole shop was empty in a creepy way, but these samseng looking men were frying stuff at the front of the shop. I kid you not, it looks like a front of a gangster clan ok LOL.

Saqinah and i had our doubts, but our bladder would not allow us to entertain them.

Very bravely i led the way, we went straight into the shop without looking left or right. I saw the ‘drinks-making’ guy, nodded at him and pointed at the toilet. He gave a slight nod, and we went straight to our main destination. After emptying our bladders, we walked straight out of the shop in fast pace, under many stares, and quickly into aiman’s car! hahahahahaha.. Now that we think about it, we were damn brave and desperate LOL. A chinese girl and a malay girl (in her kurung) just walked into a gangster shop, used their toilet, and walked out. hahahahahahahahahaha.


To cut the story of the first night short, Saqinah’s dad kindly drove me to Peekaboo, where Cindy works at, and Cindy brought me back to her place at Shah Alam.

So all in all, i was in the car, for more than seven hours @_@


And that was the first night in KL. Great start aye lol

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