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October 1, 2012

Nearly K.Oed in school today.


After i gave one of the classes my reply letters to them, they went really really silent…

They read intently… or perhaps they were trying to understand my English.. hmm..

And, a few of them came up to me afterwards, asking whether they could still write to me.. in which of course i flashed them back a smile, and told them i would love to.


With a very worn out throat, i braved through my other six periods of classes.

Teaching them how to do essay is very tedious, as i do have to explain nearly every single sentence phrase word. But i was really happy though, as after my short ‘sermon’ on “how touched i am by their honesty and my desire to help them achieve more than what they have right now,” all of them were super engaged and attentive, jotting down notes, and repeating certain words after me in full spirit. Gosh, that doesn’t come everyday. lol


And now, i have to rush off to my Kelas Malam with my 5Sc2 kids. Its tiring, but i like Kelas Malam. For one, the kids are more enthusiastic at night, probably because they had freshened up and are allowed to parade their fashion taste hmmmm… Second, i have a lot more freedom to do whatever i want.

For tonight, i be using Glee’s version of Perfect as my stimulus.

I’m quite excited to see how this lesson would roll.

Wish me best.


Before i ciao, like-seriously-i-need-to-with-only-15 minutes-before-Nadia-comes-to-pick-me-up,

here’s a picture of the three awesome Cikgu Anak Dara of SMKTIP1.

Not we say one. We were exactly labeled as such by our colleagues.

Love my girls.


ps. yes dzeti, i love u too. but technically u r no longer ‘anak dara’ so you have been regrouped to a different clique 😛


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