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Bon jovi-fying my kids

October 2, 2012

Today I had to really give myself a pat on the shoulders. Never had I come out with a lesson idea 5 minutes into the lesson and it came out with great results, definitely beyond my expectation.
Today I had 3 periods with my 5A5. And yes, that’s quite a horror.
Probably I had mentioned before the problems I face with these kids of mine.. from illiteracy to very minimal English knowledge to actually having racism amongst the students. Teaching them is already tough as it is… trying to get them to be engaged for more than 20 mins is already a great achievement! So… my main concern has always been, how to keep these restless kids in my class for a whole 1 hour and 45 minutes!!!!
It doesn’t help that I’m also packed with classes before this class so by the time I reached the staff room, I had precisely less than 15 minutes to come out with something… *cries*
So anyway, I saw that I had my speakers with me and I quickly browsed through my music file in my phone… and tada…


Any guesses on the title of the song? Lol
Using only the first verse, bridge and chorus, I quickly jot down my translations, then I grabbed my stack of colour papers and rushed off to my class.
The kids love the song!
Took me a period trying to get them to read with the correct pronunciation + explaining the lyrics line by line with a lot of dramatization. Followed by some sing along. And finally the activity of “In 10 years time, I will be…”
Before that I gave them a pep talk on how they have to take control of their lives and ‘live it’. These are 17 year olds who have mostly given up on themselves and settled on the idea of rubber tapping, getting married off, or working in a factory in kl.
So after the whole brainwashing session that hopefully challenged them to want a better life.. they went straight to the drawing part.
Most of the kids drew big houses, cars, families and even pets …

But it was this one boy, who made me choked with pride.


He is illiterate.
Probably too late to start working on getting the passes.
But he looked at me and asked me ‘ teacher, cantik ko New Zealand?’
I answered, ‘ yes. Gapo? Nak pergi ke? ‘
He told me, ” nak tengok dunia”
And I do believe that when there’s a will, there’s a way.

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