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Can you hear me?????

October 6, 2012

My relationship with my man, is unfortunately very dependent on technology. More often than not, we find ourselves getting trolled by Mr Technology as well.

Skype: Constantly disappoints us. Even though i bought an expensive and good logitech webcam, and found the video quality improved in folds, our video calls were never perfect, and we often find ourselves staring at a heavily pixeliated person on the screen, trying to make out the form of the face, listening to Autobots, or getting our calls cut at the most inconvenient timing.

Viber: Our better solution towards clearer calls, but still fails us at a constant basis with the abrupt ends.

Whatsapp: Helps us to text without worrying about the length or the quantity of the messages. Oh yeah, we get to take pictures of the happenings at the part of our world and exchange them. So far so good.

Facebook Messenger: I wake up in the morning, and would find myself a few links in my Messenger, sent by Alex. He’s my best news provider, always keeping me up to date with the randomest happenings in the world. Sometimes, he just sends me links of anything he thinks i might be interested in, and i love him for that.

Instagram: That’s my way of letting him know that i’m doing fine here. I tend to upload more pictures of instagram now, more than facebook as i find instagram as my new happy place. He, never is a social networking person, and prefers to remain low profile; while I love the attention, and I kinda love sharing happy things that happen in my life. Somehow though we are completely opposites, he came to accept that side of me as I have accepted him as he is. And because of my more ‘colourful’ life, he made an account just to ‘follow’ me, to keep track and to share my happenings.


As much as i hate myself for being unable to step aside from using internet for a day, i’m still thankful to have that in the first place. Though that doesn’t mean i don’t feel like grabbing the celcom fellas and asking them why does my bandwidth always ‘exceed’ when the statistics showed i never even reached half of my allocated bandwidth, plus why is my 3G never really 3G, and why is the connection always lousy, and why is the package so damn expensive, and why do i always get disconnected!!!!!


Yes. I still hate celcom, but its the only provider i could use here in Gua Musang. So maybe i should be thankful but that doesn’t mean i can’t feel pissed and cheated. I’m paying for the services but not getting what i’ve been promised!


This post has no real meaning to it. I just wanted to blog, and Alex gave me the topic.

And that’s the abrupt end.

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