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shedding it off

October 6, 2012

i’m feeling a lil depressed tbh.

everyday i teach my students to dream… to want something more… to be something more…

and today i can’t help but feel like i’m not leading by example.

and i’m quoting myself… (from my fb status)

“When i look around, or reflect on the past 2 years, i’m proud of what i have achieved, the seeds i have sown, the people i have met, the many wake up calls, the taste of humble ground, and also the satisfaction of knowing that at least i did make some difference here (albeit small it may be)…
But there is also a nagging feeling that, though i’m placed here for a reason, i do not belong here. There is still so much longing for better grounds or even a different destiny.
Then again, God knows best.”


I feel there is a need of change.

I can’t be complacent.

And yes i’m worried that there is no fast solution towards the complicity of circumstances between Alex and I. And all we could do is to continue having faith in God to open doors, or to make a way for us beyond our comprehension.


Or probably the depression is caused by my weighing machine.

Instead of losing them pounds, i gained 0.4kg…though i had been watching what i eat.

I do need to get back in shape.

Though the mind tells me its because of my period; my heart keeps yelling that i’m fat.


I do need to get back in shape.

.. pronto.

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  1. October 7, 2012 7:54 pm

    Do some soul searching & decide for yourself where you would like to be in the next decade. Then take conscious steps towards that goal.
    All the best! =)

    • October 10, 2012 5:12 pm

      thanks! have been thinking a lot about life and stuff during the hours of all the best to you too

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