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so screwed up

October 8, 2012

Today, through a really awkward confession… i came to know that i had been made as a common sexual fantasy for a group of boys in my school.

I was horrified.. but it would be a lie if i said i never see it coming. We’ve seen too many of such scenarios through American shows and i am aware i am teaching 16 and 17 year olds who are hot-blooded and probably don’t think much with their heads.

What came after that was even more horrifying. They have a ‘price’ for me. Can you freaking believe that this group of boys ‘lelong’ me (hypothetically) to see who would pay the most to have ‘one night’ with me?????

I was disgusted.

Apparently i was worth around RM1000 (the pay they would get for 2 weeks of rubbertapping if the harvest is good) @_@

God was I offended. Yet they had the guts to tell me that it was a compliment, because they could get such service for 5 bucks from the girls in my school.

I totally rebuked the boys who told me about this (they claimed they are not involved), reminding them that women should not be treated as objects, and neither should we come with a price. Before i let them go, i sternly reminded them to not join this screwed up game.


After a few cases of ‘tangkap basah’ in my school, it is no denying that our students are over-exposed, and have little knowledge of the consequences of their actions. It’s such a norm to get married right after school for the girls, some guys bragged about wanting to have many wives, and many of them are definitely ‘no more a kid’ in the intimacy department. And I have been making a conscious attempt to cover up (though hot it may be), and i may be the only chinese teacher who does not wear a skirt to school.

When i tie my hair up, they say i’m sexy.

When i put my hair down, they say i’m sexy.

and i’m sick of having the teachers, keep trying to make me wear tudung or scarves!!!

Just because i decided to dress decently in baju kurung, does not mean that i can be easily stepped on! Needless to say, I find it disrespectful!

Which got me into thinking, though the kids are screwed up, why is the system even more screwed up?

Why is the women counterpart the one responsible to ‘prevent arousal’ instead of the guys developing their self control?

On the other hand, why is it women’s responsibility to trigger an erection, instead of the guys handling it themselves?

and why does TV and movies nowadays portray women as horny and desperate, and all they want to do is to hook up with a guy to get laid?????


Ok that’s a little detour from what i wanted to share (got a lil too hyped up lol)

So, i talked to a senior lady teacher about what i found out today, and all she told me was to be patient, and take care of my actions…Just endure it because that’s the price to pay to be young and good looking…@_@

Though her answer rendered a ‘WTH’ on my behalf.. there is truth in it. I can’t really change the perverse mindset of these boys, and instead be more careful in my interactions with them.

So far i do think that i have been quite professional.

I do not touch the boys at all..not even a pat.

I do not reply to their text messages unless they are school-related.

I do not go for outings with the boys.

I rebuke them when they call me ‘sayang’ or when they give me ‘pet names’.

I do not allow them to treat me as a friend, and do constantly portray my authority as a teacher and as an adult figure.

Seriously, i’m at wits’ end now… I don’t even know what else should i do?

I should probably teach adults. Big teens are real tough to handle.

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  1. October 8, 2012 8:41 pm

    If it was me, I’d gather all the students & give them a nice earful.

    • Felicia~ permalink*
      October 13, 2012 10:19 am

      “your school is so glee!” said my dad.
      well, we just had 4 maksiat cases since 2 weeks ago..

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