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Perks of being a teacher? Free nom nom nom!!!

October 14, 2012

Tis the season of free food and blasting of music in school.. well at least in this school of mine here in kelantan.

Its the culture here for the classes to organise ‘Jamuan Kelas’ to celebrate the year and to thank all the teachers and the working staff in school. Yes, they do parties and cater food for ALL the teachers, regardless of whether they have been taught by most of them.


And 4A1 started the ball rolling!

I love my 4A1.. Though they drive me crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy most of the time with their badly used English phrases and their silly jokes, i feel like i’ve been through so much with them. And a lil embarrassed i was, but i have to admit i basked in their attention during their class party lol. While the other teachers were busy eating away, the students kept taking turns to take pictures of me and with me lol.. It’s good to be a young teacher in a high school i guess. Only during class parties are students allowed to bring their camera phones so imagine how delighted they are to flaunt their gadgets!

and because there were so many cameras, we ain’t exactly sure where to look at lol


Then moving on, it was the party by 4S1… The food selection was great but unfortunately, many of the teachers were either away invigilating PMR or attending courses.. Poor kids did feel a lil low and the smaller turn out..

and i had a really packed schedule that day, so i only managed to hop in for 15 minutes or so before my next class…

still managed to snap some pictures though lol (mostly with students’ cameras)



Then… There was the farewell party done by the Chinese Language Society, with the theme “Colorful Childhood” *coughs.. my*

And Colourful it was!



spot the BIGGEST kid lol





and personal selca(s) of the day? lol



and like every experience should be taken full advantage of.. i decided to plan my lessons according to the ‘party mood’ of my students…

Jeng jeng jeng… I made them into lil party planners, and gave them a competition to find ‘The Best Party In Town’!

As most of you would have known by now, my students are extremely weak in english, so any form of production in English is considered good and worth celebrating by me…

and behold.. some of the very interesting ideas from my students!


Interesting Guest List..


Tempting menu… lol


Invitations in all shapes and sizes of transportation lols



I was quite pleasantly surprised by how far they have come from the first lesson i had with them.. No more giving me safe and boring ideas, instead we have interesting party themes like : Toothbrush and Toothpaste (lmao), Zombies, Disney, Fashion Show, Hawaii Party, Cavemen, Cupid’s Arrow etc.

Well, this week is going to be filled with even more farewell parties, so I IS EXCITEZZZ!!!!

The diet plan doesn’t seem to be working… lol

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  1. October 14, 2012 10:08 pm

    aww looks like loads of fun! thanks for the ideas felicia, love the colourful childhood party theme!

  2. Airil Azmei permalink
    November 25, 2012 10:26 am


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