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October 19, 2012

Probably due to aging, I’m getting quite paranoid of my skin condition.
.. doesn’t help when I read on the internet the other day that our scumbag brain actually tells us that we are 5x prettier than we really are…. OH GOSH I’M ACTUALLY UGLIER!!!!!

So right now I’m already researching on anti-aging products, and thank God for super helpful fiance who found me reviews and blogs and true enough we women start aging at the age of 25! Of which category I have unfortunately fall into already sobs
And since I’m having a 3-day weekend, alone in Gua musang, I thought why not have a beauty and health mini boot camp! Lol.

So yea, I’m loving my weekend so far, having just veet myself, exfoliate, facial mask, hair mask, facial treatment etc.


Next up will be the exercising part, which I have taken a liking to 😉

To a healthier lifestyle and a healthier me! Yay!


(Damn I look like an alien in this pic lol… oooo avatar maybe? )

Ps. Do recommend any products that really help in reducing wrinkles and tackles oily skin!

Am currently using hada labo with my old skII products and find hada labor too sticky and oily for my liking 😦

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