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vanity is pain

December 3, 2012

here’s the second entry since my nice welcoming back to the land of sails and sheep more than two weeks ago.

one thing for sure… i got f at.

probably evident from the amount of food pictures i have been spamming on my instagram lol. What should i say, a perfect day has to have perfect food (and some days not so perfect but still yummy or edible lol),


gorgeous sashimi



wicked bentos



morroccan lamb from Subway



cupcakes from Bluebells Cakery



Rocky Roads anyone?



my fav pesto bread ever!!!



scallops and salmon fettuccine



Calamari salad



best dish when having a cold?

al taeng! (fish egg soup)



Hell’s pizza. Not loving the name but much love for the pizza lol



award winning pies from Richoux Pattissere



eye fillet and prawns teppan at Heizo!


yea… you get the idea lol.

for more drool-worthy pictures, you should probably follow me on my instagram- imfelicidaz

and since both Alex and i have fallen sick, our working out sessions inevitably cut down too 😥


i got fat. lols


oh yeah, i got to do a lil bit of cooking too! Nothing too fancy, but i find myself loving the trial and error process 😉


purple rice, stir-fry marinated pork, round beans and scrambled eggs



cheating but so gooood



bacon and wine sauce fettuccine wit spinach, prawns, mushroom and salmon



and just a non-food picture to fill up this post lol


just really happy to see big and juicy strawberries!!!!


make it 2 pics of me then!

did a lil shopping (yay) and spiked up my look of the day with these new earrings!



i love them! but alex disagrees … he claimed they look dangerous~~~ boo



and last but not least,

we did our pre-wed photoshoot!

earlier i had many whatsapp conversations with our dear friend and photographer, vialli! She got me really excited and i had dreams about the photoshoot and used them to get through my last month of teaching for the year lol.

and when i had the chance to go KL for a weekend and stayed with Cindy, i was really focus to find ‘the dress’ or dresses for my shoot. I even thought about what accessories should i put on and so on, but thank God for Cindy, she stopped me.

Cindy suggested that i should let the pictures focus on Alex and I, not the embellishments, which totally makes sense.


as the weather when i first got to Auckland was pretty cold and rainy, at the sight of one warmer and cloudy day through the forecast, we quickly arranged a very last minute appointment with Vialli for the very next day. Everything was so last-minute and urgent that we met for dinner on Sunday evening, discussed about what’s needed and what we should wear, and woke up 4am the next day to rush for the sunrise at Okahu Bay!!!!


and i had to reluctantly put down my cardi for most of the shots…hence the title of this blog entry.

oh well,

since our shoot is very minimalistic and casual, i had my qualms.

the fact that i did not even have falsies on, no hair done, and no professional make up plastered on the face, i was worried the pictures will turn out slightly disappointing…

but God bless Vialli,

She really has a nick with photo-taking and captured us in our best moments, and makes us look good in pictures!






and these are only the sneak peeks she gave me!

do check her work out,

she is fun, friendly, and very talented! show her some love coz we love her too!


Didn’t know this would turn out to be such a long post.

Well bless the fast internet connection here, making pictures upload easy peasy~

Till the next entry

God bless 🙂

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Airil Azmei permalink
    December 3, 2012 2:29 pm

    agree with you….the food look yummy to me!haha
    btw, congrats! cantik gambar2 tu..can’t wait to see more picture of u guys ^.~

  2. December 10, 2012 12:58 am

    The food is worth getting fat over. You wont have that when you get back.
    Anyway, shoots were great! Kudos, Vialli! =)

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