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Things are looking GOOD!

January 2, 2013

Looking GOOD indeed!!!


Yesterday (1.1.2013) was my first day of school term for my third year of teaching, in the same school, of the quaint town of Gua Musang, Kelantan.

The day before yesterday (New Year Eve), I became a crybaby, after i found dead cockroaches in my room.. dried… and crumbed into pieces with the slightest touch… yup. EWW.

To be honest, it was the PMS. Not that i’m trying to justify my outburst, but when my family left after sending me to GM, i was overwhelmed by a feeling of emptiness… as if all the laughter in the car, the noises, the familiarity were all zapped out, just. like. that.

and of course, the day after that, my period came.


Moving on…

I knew this year is going to be a challenge, and hopefully, one that promises happiness at the end of it.

I too knew that changes have to be made.

Mainly, changes revolving.. me.

For instance, i made a pact.. to be healthier, to be cleaner, to be more organised, to make a difference.

No more fancy resolutions that i break and postpone every year,

but to start with simple, realistic steps.. like drink more water, pick up my hair on the floor EVERYDAY, do facials every week, 30 minutes Zumba every day, make my bed, and even WEAR MY NAMETAG TO SCHOOL.


I am glad to say, at Day 2 of Year 2013, i have been keeping the pact faithfully… but there are 363 days more to go lol.


The interesting thing about this year is that, i’m getting new groups of students for all my four classes. I was actually quite excited about it. Its great to be able to start with a clean slate, establish my expectations and rules and not having to worry about whether i did similar lessons with them before!



So far the students’ response in my classes have been very encouraging, and i love the energy i get from them =D



My home classroom has 34 students, and only 3 of them are able to pass their English.

Was I worried about whether I could get them ready for their SPM English?

Hell yea.

But I should not allow that to be my excuse to slack and not do my part to help them get better! In fact, i think i have a plan to work on with them… Hopefully, they can stay engaged and be in their best behaviour for the remaining days of the year lol.



After two years of sleeping on a sponge mattress and keeping my stuff in boxes, I too decided to splurge a lil on comfort in my room.

I won’t deny,

the main reason i did not get proper furniture much sooner was because i was promised the transfer by so many different people (without me even asking) that i just assumed i won’t be here for too long.

Oh well,

I am in my third year.. and i really should sleep on a better bed. lol

SO my new mattress and four shelves came on New Year’s Day… and i spent that evening cleaning up my room (for the third time) and did a lil room makeover!

from this (2011)



this (2013)!!!


its only 70% done.. Wait till i get all the finer details done this weekend! That’s my weekend project!


I still have a lot of back log entries to write about… and some are really funny to me too 😉

We’ll see, with my current streamyx speed and stability (GOD BLESS MY LANDLADY FOR INSTALLING IT), maybe you be seeing me a lot more often here lol


May 2013 be a year of answered prayers.

May I be the answer to people’s prayers too 🙂


Happy New Year peeps!

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