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January 4, 2013

Since today (Friday) is kinda my ME-DAY, i had quite some quality time for myself, especially now that my landlady had installed the most expensive package of streamyx allowing me to have even faster internet speed than back at home!!!! God bless her soul!


Anyway, i was going through my many many photos and realised that i haven’t gotten around blogging about my wonderful month in New Zealand last November, and it’s the new year already… probably making my New Zealand posts obsolete T___T


There is one story that i MUST tell.. because this doesn’t happen to me ever… i repeat… EVER.

No doubt, its quite big a deal for me LOL..

So take a trip with me back to three weeks ago.. the 14th of December 2012 to be precise… 😉


14/12/12 was actually the date i dreaded the most.

It meant reality.

It meant separation.

It meant ‘back to the long distance business and frustrating viber and skype calls due to unreliable internet connection in Malaysia’

But still, it came…

To make me feel better, Alex really went all out to pamper me,

we even went to Langham (the so-called best five star hotel of Auckland) just to have their buffet breakfast,

paid NZD35 just for our one hour parking at the hotel @#$%^*#,


and had one of the most disappointing buffet ever (probably we were expecting too much from this so-called five star hotel)


Their ‘dessert’ counter… offering yoghurt..



my platter… the egg benedict was cold and tough… T___T



our waffles and crepes were so badly made that she had to throw away 3 before she could serve us one that looked ‘decent’..@__@



the only thing i actually enjoyed was the movenpick ice-cream.. even then.. they only served two flavours.. hmmm


and i topped mine with lotsa big strawbies ❤




PASS FORWARD TIME… it was time to get our asses and my very very heavy luggage to the airport… T___T

and here’s where the REAL drama started…

Since i had already checked in online much earlier and secured my window aisle seat, all i had to do was to do luggage drop…

but as life would have it… it wasn’t as easy a drop off as we thought it would be.

The lady who served us was very friendly at first.. she even ‘praised’ me for web-check in.. @_@… and then she just turned nasty out of sudden and said, ‘NO NO NO.. YOUR BAG IS OVERWEIGHT.. WE CAN’T CHECKED YOU IN UNLESS YOU PAID FOR YOUR EXCESS BAGGAGE WHICH IS 31 DOLLARS PER KG!’

Alex and i both stared at the meter, it was 22.7kg. Come on we used to get away with even 25kg!

She wouldn’t budge and insisted i transferred my items around, into my hand luggage..and so i did…


it was 21.9kg.


the other MAS staff at the next counter was even giving her the look.

it was already 12 plus midnight for goodness sake and why was she being so difficult!

Alex could not stand her any longer and offered to pay for my fine.. we both looked really pissed because this lady completely screwed our farewell..

and suddenly, a supervisor came… took over the counter and looked at me.. typed in something into her computer.. and just said..


She handed me the slip, and walked away.





Then it sank in… and we were both just so excited! lol..

Looking at the time, i had only less than 10 minutes to get myself to the gate as it was already boarding time!

We hugged, said a real quick farewell, and i practically ran to the gate… which was really far… only to find that it was super crowded!

When i was at the boarding area from Malaysia – NZ, there were mainly international people and it seemed a lot for civilised and peaceful..

It was the complete opposite in the boarding area from NZ – Malaysia… @_@ Most of the passengers were Malaysians, and Malaysians being Malaysians, they were not even queuing, some were trying to squeeze their way around and i could not even get into the gate area because it was so crowded and chaotic!

Shortly after i arrived, they made the announcement for all Business Class passengers to come to the counter.. and i had no idea how to make my way there in that situation.. so i thought to myself, maybe i should just wait.

Next thing i know.


The funniest shit then happened… people started to turn around to see who is that Miss Felicia, while i slowly made my way to the front like the parting of the red sea hahahahahaha…. Never had i felt so ‘glamorous’ before ok… hahahahahahahaha… i was wearing my cookie monster tee with my chunky glasses… probably did not quite fit into the ‘business class’ clientele LOL.



Firstly,  i was so glad to see the LEGROOM!!!


That was me already stretching my legs ok! I don’t think this picture even did justice to the LEGROOM!


Then, i started panicking as i had no idea how to use the remote control, nor how to get my TV screen out nor how to get my eating table out etc etc..

I felt so lost, yet still wanting to control macho.. so i kept looking around to see how people use their devices… hahahaha.. jakun much?


see.. see what i mean? They looked simple but very very confusing ok..


the person sitting by my side was a business man from London, and i guess he felt chatty.. so we talked a lil and i confessed that it was my first time on business class which was very much to his amusement lol. He congratulated me and quickly offered me a quick tutorial on how to use the devices plus the special pockets around my seat hahahahahahaha.. i think i probably made his day with my jakun-ness and honesty hahahaahahaha…

right after that, he went into his rest… while i was determined to stay awake for ALL THE MEALS despite being very very sleepy at 2 freaking am.

Our first dish was … jeng jeng jeng jeng…


Some more can choose chicken or beef, and i asked for a mixture of both…

and the attendant came back with SIX huge sticks of satay =D


LOOK AT HOW GENEROUS THE PEANUT SAUCE WAS! Totally tasted like the ones sold in Madam Kwan’s… i bet Alex would have loved to finish them up!

I turned around and looked at my English neighbour who was sleeping really soundly… and continued to savour my satays slowly… lol


Then came the 2nd dish..


Smoked salmon with some sort of garnish, fruits, more juice, and also a bun of our own choice (which obviously was missing and found in my stomach when this picture was taken lol)


Followed by the main..(which we were allowed to choose from a menu)


I had lamb in gravy with roasted potatoes, cucumber, and mushroom! Very tender.. very nice..


just when i thought i should really sleep… they came with…

apple pie!


Pardon the lighting.. it was nearly 3am…


After adjusting my seat to the mostest perfect position.. i dozed off in seconds…

and woke up to BREAKFAST!

Once again we were given the menu, and i chose the ommelete and chicken set..but was told it finished.. *pouts* so i asked for the pancakes with poached pears instead.

and while everyone ordered chiraz and savignon etc..

i.. the kid.. ordered for strawberry yoghurt… which was so good… i had two. hahahahahahaha



We were given toasted muesli with our choice of milk, our choice of pastry, and fruits to start off.



and ta-daaaaa.. my pancakes!


i quite like the poached pears 🙂


Then i realised.. i probably missed out on ice-cream when i was asleep.. and they always serve Kapiti for NZ-Malaysia flights. damn. lol


Even the toilet was much prettier than economy class… got flowers, body lotion, and various toiletries to use too!



They too gave us a Clarins bag each…filled with necessities like Clarins facial products, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash, and even socks ! Score!



Basically i was really thankful to God..

Not only such thing never happen to me… but also due to all the drama and excitement, Alex and i had no time or opportunity to wallow in our sadness.. as while i explored Business Class, he had a fun company trip and even a vineyard lunch the very next day…

But reality did sink in soon. The pang of sadness was felt.. but we knew better this time to be stronger and prayed for the gap to be closed soon.


And since today is supposed to be 2013.1.4,


Thanks for being.. “The One”.

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  1. January 5, 2013 9:56 am


  2. January 13, 2013 5:19 am

    Yay! I hateeeeeeee fussy check in staff. When I flew to the States last Nov, the staff reaaaky wanted to obey the 23kg rule and not one mg more so I had to take out a lot!

    Thank God for the supervisor who helped you!

    I’m going back to Msia but plan on flying to the US in a few months on business class. So excited about that!

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