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1st of february

February 1, 2013

Can’t believe i have become a post per month type of person lol. I do blame it on my new fast internet speed which led me to HEAPS of detours, and stuffing myself with series, and countless youtube videos during my free time 😛

and GOSH I LOVE ALL THESE FREAKING AMAZING TALENTS ALL OVER THE WORLD! Youtube has humbled me in so many ways as i get to see how much passion and talent some of these people have yet they are struggling and giving their all just to make a mark in this world! My all-time favourite videos would be anything-acapella lol. NO, I was not a convert due to Pitch Perfect although i do love the show, but i have always loved to sing, at a very young age. So, being able to see all these beautiful people with their amazing voices has been mindblowing, and i found myself becoming a Pentaholic, or rather a Pentatonix’s groupie hahahahaha (do check them out, they are AMAZING), and contributing to their ever-increasing views on their youtube channel lol. Seriously, someone get them on Ellen and Oprah already!


Phewwww… That was a whole lot of blabbering and i still don’t really know what to write here. hahaha.




Starting of this year, moving into the age of 26 *cringe* really changes a lot of my perspectives in life. For instance, I used to think that I’m going to take over the world, be the next Aung San Suu Kyi, and show the men what we, women can really do. But now, I just wanna be married, be an equal, and the biggest supporter in my man’s life. Perhaps it was the age. Or even seeing how happy my peers are, getting married and popping out babies one by one. Or simply just because i already knew what i want.

We’ve been in a really committed relationship for nearly 4.5 years now,  engaged for more than a year, and both of us are really eager to start a life together, not being apart (as we still are at the moment). Gosh, planning a wedding is hard as it is. Planning a wedding with all this distance, time difference and very very different working schedules is even more challenging. Our dates are constantly been postponed because of a lot of factors. For one, i have yet met his dad, who is in Taiwan, and that could only happen if I get to fly to Taiwan this June while he flies from New Zealand (if his work permits)! Complicated, i tell you.

But despite it all, Im just really thankful to God that we are still very very much together and we both put in a lot of effort to make this relationship work. I don’t take afternoon naps so i get to talk to him when i get back from school and meetings; he stays up despite having to get up at 5-6 in the morning the next day so that he could catch up with me… There is definitely a lot of talking in our relationship, so definitely not much problem in the ‘communication’ department lol. I love that we really get to know each other so very well (because we talk so much), and going through pre-marital counseling with him last December in Auckland with Reverend Ku really made me appreciate him so much more.



That aside, school has been good to me this year. I have challenging classes, but i always have a reason to smile every day so that’s really good in my opinion. The Writing With A Purpose project (WWP) is getting bigger and better this year! I decided to be more organised and take a lot more initiative to see this through. I sincerely hope that this project will pay off for all the teachers taking part. My kids are angels yet humourous at the same time. I told them, for their first letter to their new pen pal, they should include a small friendship token (its not the price but the thought that counts)… Since my kids mainly come from very poor backgrounds, most of them made their own tokens. For instance, this girl painted a picture for her new friend!



while some boys gave their used pencils @_____@

boys will always be… boys.


so here’s another picture of the letters before i wrapped them all up and mailed them to their respective destinations!



I do love teaching,

I just want to be used by God wherever I am, whatever I can be.

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