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Snippets of Life as a Teacher in Gua Musang~

February 22, 2013

An attempt to balance out the ‘wordiness’ of the previous post! 😛

#1 Decided to give my colleagues ole-ole (translation: souvenirs) from New Zealand! Bought some mini Whittakers, Mcintosh toffees, and Manuka honey lemon drops from Comvita~~~ all tucked in pretty rainbow bags! 😉



#2 Getting sweet treats from colleagues! ❤ ❤ ❤



#3 the penpal project that I have been overseeing (Writing With A Purpose) been doing pretty good so far. Have delivered and received replies, and now my kids are on to their second exchange! The topic i gave them for this round is to write about their favourite type of music, and dedicate a song (with lyrics attached) to their penpal!



#4 Became one of the teacher advisors for the Chinese Society of the school! (Was placed in the computer club and English language society for the previous years hmmm..)

and we had a few activities thus far, started way earlier than other societies and here are some pictures of our 挥春比赛!



and i decided to give it a try, after not touching calligraphy for possibly more than 10 years lol


(quite rusty and some wordings were a lil off huhu)


#5 Had a ‘proud mama’ moment when my ex students (my first batch of students) came back to visit during their college’s semester break!




#6 Managed to fool around in school with an equally sporting and fun colleague cum friend 😉


(that was us camwhoring in a boring meeting lol)


and finally….

#7 I decided to change my look, and went for curls!!!


(but due to my naturally straight hair, the curls have become much much softer.. in only days.. huhuhu..)

who says a teacher can’t be vain?

and that’s about it, at least those I actually had pictures to elaborate on 😛


now, when is my fiance gonna be back from his martial arts training so that we could chat on our anniversary? Hmmmm…

oh yeah, let’s end with

#8 ( a good number for the chinese lol)

for the first time, i did an international transaction using my credit card and surprised my very hard at work man with some Whoopie Pies!


and it was so freaking cute that when he received the box of goodies quite early in the morning (most of his colleagues were not in yet), he quickly made a trip home to keep his whoopies! lol

When I asked him why did he do that and that he could share those with his work mates, he answered, “Never. Never when it’s from you!” hahahahahahahaha

I love how despite the long time frame,

We are still so in love 😉

(cringing yet? hehehe)

May everyone find love worth fighting for!

God bless!

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  1. February 22, 2013 8:39 pm

    You guys are such a cute couple! hahahaha~~

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